A practical ‘how to’ guide

IMG_96711290761Organising a Team Margot Donor Registration Event – Getting Started

We have been so touched by the fact that many of you have stated that you would like to hold a donor registration event in the name of Team Margot. Thank you for taking this first step.

Donor registration events can be big or small, coffee mornings or company registration days but the main thing is that we spread awareness of the need for more people to join the stem cell / bone marrow register and that ultimately, new people join.

If you would like to hold a donor registration event, the first thing you need to do is contact one of the charities below to discuss the date and venue of your potential donor registration event and to check the charity’s availability and agreement – please tell them that you’re making contact as part of Team Margot:

IMG_8342a) Anthony Nolan – can register those aged between 16 – 30 years old

Contact: 0303 303 0303 / www.anthonynolan.org

b) DKMS (formerly Delete Blood Cancer UK) – can register those aged between 17 to 55 years old

Contact: 020 020 8747 5620/ https://www.dkms.org.uk/team-margot/

Both Anthony Nolan and DKMS will give you advice on all aspects of how to run a donor registration day. It will very much be your event to run and manage alongside your chosen charity but please make sure that you get the charity’s support before you publicise anything.

IMG_0814IMG_0832Once the above has been agreed and arranged with either charity above, please contact us via infor@teammargot.com & we will send you our Team Margot pack which will include Team Margot marketing materials and merchandise that will help you fundraise towards the cost of each new registration for either Anthony Nolan or DKMS.

If instead, you’re intending to run an awareness event & fundraiser only (i.e. no registrations), then we would be delighted to receive any funds raised from the sale of the pack items to our charity, Team Margot Foundation. Alternatively, should you wish to fundraise for Team Margot Foundation, please see our page on CAF Donate.

Finally please note our wish to honour Margot who was only 2 years old when she passed away. Accordingly, kindly bear this in mind with regards to any literature, images and activities at your event.

Many thanks again.

Team Margot
Together, saving lives