January 9, 2015

Whilst we weren’t looking …


watering can… something quite remarkable was happening on Friday 12 December last year.

Having been inspired by Margot, a wonderful lady called Alix decided to seize the initiative and take action.

She and her colleagues got thinking: What would be the most important thing on Margot’s Christmas list ?

Alix organised a donor registration event at her place of work. She sought advice from and worked in partnership with Delete Blood Cancer UK who trained her and colleagues on how to register potential stem cell donors.

The donor registration event took place just a couple of weeks later.

The result ?

More than 60 new registrants and £1,000 donated to Delete Blood Cancer UK. Plus lots more awareness of the need for more stem cell donors on the register.

To help generate further awareness, please take a moment to watch and SHARE the video below.

Thank you.

And thank you to Alix and all at Saatchi Health !




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