January 31, 2015

Meanwhile, ‘Mega Beats’ in North London…


photo 2photo 5Inspired by the recent Team Margot and Delete Blood Cancer UK events Lola, Bella, Ella and Rosie in Year 5 at Weston Park primary  formed a band known as “Mega Beats” and performed some songs at the Windmill on Weston Park, supplied refreshments, sold Margot bows and wristbands and collected money in support of Team Margot and Delete Blood Cancer UK.

To quote Marina, who was there to witness: “What an event the girls put on today ! Good turn out, Margot Bows and all cakes sold out. Have only 5 Team Margot wristbands left, 14 people registered and over £210 raised (we couldn’t open the donation box to count, which should have at least £50, but potentially more).”

photo 1photo 1Another wonderful event from within a fantastic community.

Well done and THANK YOU to Lola, Bella, Ella and Rosie (Mega Beats) and also Jan, Arancha, Sally and Kate (the mums) !


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