May 28, 2020

World blood cancer day 2020


117F8BC2-BCAD-4558-B5EF-3037F19811F7Today is World Blood Cancer Day.

Please take a moment to consider how blood cancer patients are immune suppressed and therefore amongst the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

The most vulnerable are still shielding. Thank you for protecting them.

Team Margot
Together, saving lives

Are you between 17-55 years of age and in general good health?

You can save a life.

Every registration counts

Three easy steps to saving a life:

  1. Request your DIY swab kit online & receive it in the post.
  2. Swab your cheeks & fill in the form.
  3. Return your swabs and form in the reply paid envelope.

And that’s it ! One day, you could be matched with a blood cancer patient in need of a life saving transplant.

Thank you for embracing World Blood Cancer Day ?

Once I’m registered, how do I actually donate stem cells or bone marrow ?

What’s the difference between a stem cell and bone marrow transplant ?


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