Husband to Vicki and father to Oscar (2007), Rufus (2008), Digby (2015), Humphrey (2017) & Margot (2012-2014)

August 13, 2022

Happy 10th birthday, Margot


Were she still with us, Margot would have been celebrating her 10th birthday today.

To mark the occasion, I tried to compile a list of 10 videos that I feel best summarise Margot’s legacy: Team Margot Foundation, however there’s so much I felt I really wanted to include, I wasn’t able to whittle it down.

In no particular order, below is my shortlist of 21 videos. Please feel free to watch & share.

Happy birthday Margot.

We miss you x

  1. Happy birthday Margot https://youtu.be/jT8srICmShU
  2. Light The Way https://youtu.be/yq8B6KM5Odc
  3. Arabella Greve on World Book Day https://youtu.be/2R42yYhw2mo
  4. Beds and Bars AGM 2019 https://youtu.be/JJEJGEWGJHw
  5. Great Ormond Street hospital employees & CLIC Sargent team video https://youtu.be/4LluzPdCiDM
  6. ‘Giving to help others’ Assembly video https://youtu.be/mhuZRzfJnKQ
  7. Finding the Perfect Match (documentary by Stephanie Gabbatt) https://youtu.be/sDHOv82xRNw
  8. City Hall 2017: The Power of One https://youtu.be/b7ZnzEU79XA
  9. Crouch End For Margot https://youtu.be/F0Atm-jfRNg
  10. Primary school presentation by Margot’s auntie Nadia https://youtu.be/ttkinnKOnFw
  11. “I love you” https://youtube.com/shorts/zd81fjtyqx4?feature=share
  12. Blood donation video (‘Giving to help others’) Team Margot Blood Donation film
  13. Celtic Challenge: The final push https://youtu.be/HsSfBLPI1IQ
  14. Interview on ITV Central https://youtu.be/98RI5NnQzsM
  15. Team Margot Medical Courier at KidZania London https://youtu.be/3s3YbyT89oQ
  16. Katrina’s journey as a bone marrow donor https://youtu.be/QzNxVhCo8do
  17. Mayor’s question time https://youtu.be/dxw4zoWycuY
  18. Margot’s father speaks  at blood recognition awards ceremony https://youtu.be/cjuwQ_Ps9Ns
  19. Parkdean Resorts supports Team Margot https://youtu.be/yBmIMXtA00s
  20. Happy birthday Margot from Harley Bird https://youtu.be/asm6k7b7il8
  21. Harley Bird appeal “Goodnight Margot, sleep tight” https://youtu.be/LqqpD9iVc4E

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