August 26, 2020

‘Life Continues’ (Phir Zindagi)


‘Life Continues’ is a film written and directed by the award winning Indian duo, Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukthankar, that raises awareness of organ donation. The film sheds light on the complicated & emotionally charged decision-making process for families when confronted by having to consider the organ donation of their recently deceased loved ones.

The film was screened for the first time earlier this month during south Asian heritage month & raises awareness of these issues, in advance of organ donation awareness week in the UK next month, the week commencing 14 September.

The narrative of the film underscores the importance of / how making an express decision to register as an organ donor (or not) can help your loved ones at an extremely difficult time.

And because family members will always be consulted, regardless of whether an express decision is registered, how sharing your thoughts and views on organ donation with your loved ones can provide guidance and comfort.

In many ways, the characters in the film go on an emotional journey that mirrors my own experience, when Vicki (my wife & Margot’s mum) raised the subject of donating Margot’s organs with me

Please watch & share.

Thank you.

Team Margot
Together, saving lives

To register as an organ donor click here.

To share your views on organ donation with your loved ones: talk / write / message them. ?

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