June 20, 2016

Completing unfinished business: Team Margot at Transpyr 2016 (again)

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Rafa completed Transpyr 2015 for Team Margot

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Tony & Rafa last year before the start of Transpyr 2015

Last year, one of my friends, Tony (Antonio) Henriquez & his friend Rafa set out to attempt Transpyr for the first time.

Transpyr is an arduous mountain biking event across the Pyrenees see: https://www.teammargot.com/team-margot-heads-for-the-pyrenees/ It’s a really serious pursuit that is not without it’s challenges – indeed, one of the competitors last year was killed in an accident on the first day (conditions were sandy i.e. slippery).

Nevertheless, Transpyr 2015 continued, although Tony unfortunately suffered a knee problem. He reported the first day as being “extremely tough” and that he had heatstroke and as a result had struggled to finish. A visit to the physio that night wasn’t enough to improve his knee and Tony had to drop out on the second day, leaving Rafa to press on alone. A valiant effort by Tony (who’s a lawyer by day) & hats off to Rafa for going it alone and completing the challenge.

On Saturday, completely out of the blue I received the following email from Tony:

… and 7 days later, after completing Transpyr 2016 on Saturday

Tony Henriquez before the start on 12 June…

Hi Yaser

I’ve just completed the Transpyr for Team Margot. Attached is a photo from just before the start in Rosas 7 days ago. Today it was cold, rainy and muddy so my Team Margot jersey is not visible under my outer layers, but I’ve attached a photo from the finish as well, FYI.

Before I left I sent an email to the full Spanish firm of Clifford Chance in which I explained Team Margot and our goals and I asked people to look into registering. I also sent a link to the Team Margot webpage.

I hope this helps!


WOW !!

Transpyr 2016 pre-race briefing. The event was sold out, with 400 people taking part this year

Transpyr 2016 pre-race briefing. The event was sold out, with 400 people taking part this year

Tony felt that there was unfinished business and later confided that he deliberately didn’t say anything to me about this second attempt as he “didn’t want to risk disappointing a second time” ??!

Talk about persistence !

I particularly liked the fact that he has spread the Team Margot message throughout his firm in Spain.


Transpyr cyclists2THANK YOU Tony ! and many congratulations on completing Transpyr 2016 on both a personal level and also for Team Margot & the sake of others.

Transpyr MissionTeam Margot
Together, saving lives

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