May 31, 2015

The Margot Martini Cup

With Gav Ingles, of Wednesbury Athletic FC

With Gav Ingles, of Wednesbury Athletic

Wednesbury Athletic 2014

Wednesbury Athletic FC

Earlier today, in Great Wyrley in Staffordshire, an exhibition football match took place between the celebrated Wolves All Stars and Wednesbury Athletic FC, a local football club based not far from where Vicki grew up. The football match was a fundraiser for Team Margot Foundation and the teams played to win the Margot Martini Cup.

It was prior to the start of this season, when Gav Ingles first made contact via our mutual friend Ally Davies, (another staunch Team Margot supporter) to enquire whether we would be agreeable to Wednesbury Athletic FC donning the Team Margot logo and supporting our cause. Ever since, Wednesbury Athletic have been incredibly supportive of what we are doing, playing each week with the Team Margot logo on their shirts and helping to spread the word both on & off the field.

Commerative football, signed by the players

Commemorative football, signed by the players


Today’s match programme

However, it was only last month at the La Tasca event in Birmingham, when Gav asked me whether it would be appropriate if the long-awaited match against the Wolves All Stars could be played for a trophy, which he proposed would be named the Margot Martini Cup. In spite of it being the first time that Gav and I had actually met in person, on hearing this I couldn’t help but instantly well-up.

Today was a wonderful spectacle with several hundred people coming along to support. In the clubhouse, there were raffle prizes on display, Margot Bows for sale and information on how to register as a stem cell donor.

The football match itself was very competitive and was played with great heart and spirit. For a time, especially when they went 2-0 up just before half time, it looked as though Wednesbury were going to crown the day as victors. In the event, at full time the score ended 4-4 and so the match was decided by penalty shoot out.

As mascot, Rufus led the players out of the tunnel and onto the pitch

As mascot, Rufus led the players out of the tunnel and onto the pitch

IMG_3945Ultimately, Wolves All Stars won through 5-4 on penalties but right up until the last couple of kicks, the match really could have gone either way.

Children lined up to take penalty shots at the extremely game Wednesbury goalkeeper, Adam Walker (and then Andy Gibbons) after the match had ended, donating £1 at each attempt.

And afterwards in the clubhouse, the cup was presented and received by Mel Eves on behalf of the Wolves All Stars and raffle prizes were handed out to a few lucky winners.

IMG_2980Whilst the final tally is still being counted up, it looks as though there was approaching £1,000 raised today for Team Margot Foundation, which is amazing.

Thank you so much to everyone who hosted, took part, came to support and helped make today such a success.

In particular, thank you again Gav, Sarah Tranter, Ally Davies and Margot’s auntie Charlotte for making this even happen and run so smoothly – there’s a huge amount of organisation that goes into a day like this – these things don’t just come together by accident.

With a bit of luck, there’ll be a rematch next year and a chance for Wednesbury to win back the cup and bring it home.

Well played everyone !

Team Margot
Together, saving lives


Oscar’s recent broken foot & crutches meant that he wasn’t able to join Rufus in leading the teams out onto the field


'warming up' over brunch, prior to the match

‘warming up’ over brunch, prior to the match with Margot’s Uncle Pie & cousins Macy, Theo & Louna

Rufus comes off the pitch carrying the Margot Martini Cup and declares that he is "sooo embarrassed". Well done Rufus !

Rufus comes off the pitch carrying the Margot Martini Cup and declares that he is “sooo embarrassed”. Well done Rufus !


Husband to Vicki and father to Oscar (2007), Rufus (2008), Digby (2015), Humphrey (2017) & Margot (2012-2014)

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