July 20, 2017

“Should non-donors be given an organ ?”


FullSizeRender 6“Should non-donors be given an organ ?” asks Michelle Clifford at Sky News today.

Her article circles around the same sorts of issues that Margot’s mother, my wife Vicki flagged in early 2014, during an interview on an Australian breakfast TV channel when she said:

“This could happen to anybody. If you’d be prepared to take a bone marrow transplant, or any other type of organ donation or blood donation, then I feel that people should be prepared to give also… I’d like people to think about that.”

After reading the article by Michelle Clifford today, Vicki offers up her five step plan for anyone who doesn’t wish to donate:

1. If you don’t want to donate, then opt out from donating
2. Opt out from receiving a donation for yourself, should you need one in future
3. Opt out from your children receiving a donation, if they need one in future
4. Think about what you have just done
5. Reconsider.

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