July 29, 2015

Thank you for supporting in the fight against blood cancer


Franca loved sunflowers…

MArgotThere’s been a huge amount of activity behind the scenes in the lead up to tomorrow’s Live Your Life Day, an initiative which first came about only a couple of months back when one of my best friends, Keith Knowles first shared his idea with me.

Keith’s wife and my friend, Franca sadly passed away just a couple of weeks after Margot. Franca’s mantra in work, training and life was ‘Live Your Life’ and so, to honour Franca and her tireless charity work, her birthday: 30 July, has been chosen as a day to support a charity.

This year, the chosen charity is Team Margot Foundation.

What’s astonishing and humbling in equal measure is the way in which the hospitality industry has rallied around to help support in the fight against blood cancer.

Earlier today, Keith and I started to make a list of all the wonderful people and companies that are backing this initiative and frankly, we stopped after a while – it’s pretty much all inclusive.

Everyone we know in the hospitality industry is right behind Live Your Life Day. It’s hugely overwhelming and we both feel so very grateful.

Franca wearing a Team Margot wristband last year

Franca sporting a Team Margot wristband last year…

liveyourlife-logoThe people in our industry are doing something that I don’t see happening anywhere else, in any other sector. Just take a look at the hashtags #liveyourlifeday and #togethersavinglives to see what’s happening right now on Twitter.

If you want to help support, please download & print this poster and display it somewhere, take photos and then please share on social media using the above hashtags. We want to drive people to this website and encourage them to join the stem cell register as a potential bone marrow donor.

Thank you Keith. Thank you Everyone.

And bless you Franca and Margot.


Team Margot
Together, saving lives

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