June 26, 2017

Hopefully, my day won’t be completely wasted… Here’s how you can help

I really ought to have known better...

I ought to have known better…

IMG_1920As I write, I’m sitting outside Hammersmith Town Hall, having just been turned away from my blood donation appointment.

I was quietly looking forward to giving blood & now feel completely useless and a bit daft, because I can’t help feeling that I really ought to have known better.

To explain: I was in Florida for a few days at the start of this month and returned to the UK on 6 June; this is relevant because there is a risk of the Zika virus in Florida and as such, I am unable to give blood until 28 days after my return to the UK. Consequently, my longstanding blood appointment today is 8 days too soon.

So I find myself looking for positives, in spite of my goof and I’m pleased to report that there are a number of positives to take away. For instance:

– all the wonderful people who were already in the chair giving blood when I arrived – it’s really uplifting to see

– the dozen or so people who were waiting patiently for their turn

Forget the 2 star rating, I think this is a pretty good app - well worth downloading to make donating easier

Forget the 2 star rating, I think this is a pretty good app – well worth downloading to make donating blood easier

– the lady I met in the waiting room who told me that she had initially been fearful of giving blood but that a colleague at work talked her round and initially encouraged her to donate. Today is her 17th donation and she tells me that it got easier each time and she honestly cannot recall what all the fuss was about

– Jayne, the nurse who has been working at blood donor centres for 20 years and clearly loves her job; she made me feel special for simply turning up today

– The NHS Give Blood app which enabled me to quickly find an alternative appointment in my area, which fits in around my summer plans

Alternatively, please find out more about giving blood & book an appointment: http://bit.ly/2stnnbt

So, I’m left hoping that today isn’t completely wasted – because you might take this post as a gentle reminder to make your next appointment, or perhaps to encourage someone else to register to give blood.

Thank you for reading and for sharing.

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