March 9, 2016

Delivering the UK Stem Cell Strategy: Improving equity of access for Black, Asian and minority ethnic patients


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 20.06.37Nadia and I were very pleased to be invited to the above mentioned Anthony Nolan event today in Parliament.

Mark Tami MP, co-chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Stem Cells chaired the meeting, which saw various presentations given by Anthony Nolan, NHSBT, King’s College London as well as a patient’s view by a gentleman from Sri Lanka called Nilush, who had received a cord blood transplant.

(Speakers l to r): Nulash, Mark TAMI MP, Health Secretary, Jane Ellison, Myfanwy Morgan (UCL) and Andrew Hadley, NHSBT

(Speakers l to r): Nilush, Mark TAMI MP, Health Secretary, Jane Ellison, Professor Myfanwy Morgan (King’s College London) and Andrew Hadley, NHSBT

Margot's auntie, Nadia with one of today's speakers, Ann O'Leary from Anthony Nolan

Margot’s auntie, Nadia with one of today’s presenters, Ann O’Leary from Anthony Nolan

The Health Secretary, Jane Ellison also found time to attend and she spoke for a few minutes touching upon, amongst other things, how “the health service has benefitted greatly from the bravery of people who have done something with their personal experience.” Nadia and I were pleased to hear Margot getting a lovely mention by her, as did ACLT who are now in their 20th year since setting up, following the diagnosis of Daniel de Gale.

Some lively debate & questioning of speakers followed; the group later moved on to a different room for a few drinks, again kindly hosted by Anthony Nolan.

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