September 30, 2023

Introducing… Orgtober


Tomorrow marks the start of an entirely new month… Orgtober – organ donation education month – however by simply adopting this change in language, you can start TODAY!

Please read the personal Statement from our partner, Roydon Turner, Founder of the Orgamites Programme:

I am thrilled to introduce Orgtober, formerly known as October, our full month dedicated to promoting organ donation education among students, teachers, and families across the world (starting in Northern Ireland and Canada).

While the normal education curriculum will not be affected, this supplementary campaign seeks to breathe new life into organ donation education by: starting earlier, getting more families talking, celebrating the fundamental values that underpin organ donation (kindness, compassion and inclusivity), and having loads of fun while doing all of this!

As the founder of the Orgamites Programme, I am deeply committed to harnessing the power of education to foster positive change and, ultimately, save lives. Our primary goal for the programme is to instil core values such as kindness, compassion, and inclusivity in the hearts of our youth, all while nurturing their understanding of the human body and the vital role organs play in our lives.

If we’re to care about the planet, perhaps we should be equally concerned about each other first. At its core, Orgtober is a catalyst for change through education. We firmly believe that by empowering our children with knowledge, we can reshape societal attitudes toward organ donation. Our mission is clear: to amplify awareness about our organs, ignite crucial conversations about organ donation, and, in the long run, increase the number of life-saving donors.

This initiative is especially crucial because too many individuals, including children, lose their lives while awaiting life-saving organ transplants. Witnessing this suffering is a painful reminder of the urgency of our cause. Orgtober represents more than just a month on the calendar; it symbolises a beacon of hope for those in need.

The Orgamites have already made significant strides in Canada, Greece, and the UK, but

Orgtober elevates our vision to new heights. By launching Orgtober, Northern Ireland and Canada are leading the way in demonstrating to schools, organisations and individuals everywhere that it can be done. Together, we aspire to save countless lives, not just in these countries but across the globe.

One of Orgtober’s most powerful attributes is its ability to initiate conversations that matter. Families often grapple with the profound decision of organ donation without prior knowledge of their loved ones’ wishes. Orgtober aims to change this by encouraging children to initiate these discussions, creating a ripple effect that could save lives in the future.

Join us in this historic educational endeavour as we redefine organ donation awareness, spark life-changing conversations, and reshape the world one classroom at a time.

Roydon Turner

Founder, Orgamites Programme

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Source for statistics on organ donation in the UK:

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