October 25, 2016

What would inspire you register as a potential donor ?


Judy Leden MBE

Judy Leden, joined the register because of Margot & then went on to donate her stem cells to a patient in need. Hear her explain why she decided to join the stem cell register on Heart West Midlands.

Thank you Judy !

Team Margot
Together, saving lives

Judy (r) with former bone marrow transplant patient, Jayne Snell

Judy (r) with former bone marrow transplant patient, Jayne Snell

Click here to read Judy’s guest blog from October 2015.

Judy Leden MBE

Judy Leden is without question the greatest woman pilot in free flying. She has been three times champion of the world, twice in hang gliding, in paragliding and six times British Woman’s Champion. She has dropped from a balloon at 41,000 feet over the Jordanian Desert, higher than any man or woman in the world and has also captained the British Hang Gliding team.

Judy joined the stem cell register because of Margot, after being touched by her appeal. She later went on to donate her peripheral stem cells to a patient in need.  Her gender and age imply that it’s highly likely that Judy was the ONLY donor in the world for that particular patient.


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Once I’m on the register, how do I actually donate ?

What’s the difference between a stem cell transplant and a bone marrow transplant ?

How do I join the stem cell / bone marrow register ?


Judy spoke brilliantly & movingly about her own experience, as a donor at our Parliamentary Reception in May this year

Husband to Vicki and father to Oscar (2007), Rufus (2008), Digby (2015), Humphrey (2017) & Margot (2012-2014)

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