March 23, 2015

Would you stake your life on a 50/50 bet ?


Who do you think you are? This genetic map might tell you. Each colour represents a different genetic group. Many correspond very closely to county borders, indicating a genetic basis for regional identities.

Last week, the BBC reported on a DNA study (published by the journal ‘Nature’) of Britons which reveals that genetically, there isn’t a unique Celtic group of people in the UK.

On average, there’s only a 50% chance that many of them will find a matching blood stem cell donor – not great odds when you’re hoping for a second chance at life ! – and yet the ‘1 in 2’ odds are positively upbeat when you consider the ‘1 in 5’ chance of finding your match if you happen to be from an ethnic minority or if you are mixed race, as was Margot.

Margot with her Nannie (my mother)

Margot with her Nannie (my mother)

Team Margot campaigns for more people to join the stem cell register. Simply put, the larger the register and the more diverse the register becomes, the greater the chances are of patients in need finding their ‘perfect match’.

Click here to read the article on the BBC website and click ‘how to register‘ to discover how you can become a potential stem cell donor and save a life.

Ineligible ? Already registered ? Then, please encourage Just One More person to do the same.

Thank you.

Team Margot

Together, saving lives


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