November 16, 2014

A surprise at the cinema


We decided to take Oscar & Rufus to the cinema this afternoon & booked tickets to see ‘Nativity 3: Dude, where’s my donkey?!’ knowing nothing more about it other than the boys seemed to know about the film and thought it was “going to be really good”.  We had a joke along the way because Margot was prone to spontaneously exclaiming “Dude !” having learned the word from her big brothers.

Part way through the film, it dawned upon me that the main cast of this film were all Team Margot supporters, primarily thanks to the support & efforts we have received from one of the stars in the film, Catherine Tate.

So, a big thank you again Catherine Tate, Martin Clunes, Marc Wootton, Adam Garcia, Ralf Little and an extra special thanks to Lucy D for making it all happen.


p.s. the boys loved the film – so here’s a sneak peek of the trailer…

Catherine Tate plays Sophie (photograph by Martin Bradbrook)

Catherine Tate plays Sophie (photograph courtesy of Martin Bradbrook)

Adam Garcia who plays Bradley Finch

Adam Garcia plays Bradley Finch

Martin Clunes plays Mr. Shepherd

Martin Clunes plays Mr. Shepherd

Marc Wootton plays Mr Poppy

Marc Wootton plays Mr Poppy

Ralf Little plays Sophies brother

Ralf Little plays Sophies brother


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