Cautious surprise & delight

image116-300x225Margot has had a reasonably stable 24 hours. She is still having ‘ups and downs’ but in the scheme of things, her current condition is immeasurably better than it was on Saturday night. We are hopeful that tomorrow Margot will be well enough to leave Kingston Hospital and return home.

Earlier tonight we received an unexpected email from the consultant haematologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

His email potentially provides an answer to a recent query which has hitherto gone unanswered, namely: why are Margot’s white cells remaining low and static ?

We read the email a couple of times with cautious surprise and delight. Here’s what it said:

“We have looked at the cells from last week’s sample and only half are ALL cells, a small proportion crossing towards the AML clone, but the bulk of the rest are normal looking reactive cells – presumably of donor origin – we are trying to prove.

It is thus likely that the donor cells are putting up a bit of an albeit rather belated fight and pushing the “uneasy truce” in the right direction. As I said on Saturday, it is virtually impossible to envisage that this will result in a remission, but might keep the lid on things a little longer.”


Better late than never !

Margot’s condition is itself extremely rare, so we’re not strangers to longshots !  Frankly, we are holding out for a miracle and perhaps the donor cells might just provide one after all.

You never know.

We aren’t letting ourselves get carried away but this latest information does provide us with a glimmer of hope…

22 September 2014