Organising a donor registration event in your school

IMG_96711290761Organising a Donor Registration Event – Getting Started

We are delighted that you have enquired about organising a donor registration event in your school community. Thank you for taking this first step.

Donor registration events can be big or small affairs, but the primary purpose is to encourage more people to join the stem cell / bone marrow registers as potential donors and also to register new blood and organ donors.

Of course, people can always register themselves online via however we have found that there is often something special that happens at events where people in a community volunteer their help and come together for a common cause to help others.

If you would like to hold a donor registration event, we would ask that you first contact DKMS UK (see below) to discuss the date and venue of your potential donor registration event and to check their availability and ability to attend. Please tell them that you’re making contact as a follow up to the ‘Giving to help others’ assembly presentation.


DKMS UK enable people aged between 17 to 55 years old to register as potential stem cell / bone marrow donors.

Contact: Please email with the subject line: “Giving to help others” so that they can ensure your enquiry reaches the correct person.

DKMS UK can give you advice on all aspects of how to register people as potential stem cell donors and they will also be able to provide leaflets for people to sign up as blood and organ donors too.

It will very much be your event to organise and manage but please make sure that you get the support of DKMS UK before you publicise your event, as it is not possible to correctly register people at an event without their help and the swab kits that they provide.


Lastly, we would love to hear more about your event – please do email photos to us at:

Thank you again for your enquiry.

Team Margot
Together, saving lives

p.s. for those who are unable to attend your event, there is also the ability to sign up online via: