What next ?

If you are ineligible or have already registered as a donor,
then please encourage ‘Just One More’ person to do the same.

Thank you.

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The equivalent UK number is now also 2%, but when Margot was first diagnosed it was less than 1.5%.

Team Margot wishes to see it increase significantly, initially to 4% of the UK population.

Why 4% ?

Because that’s roughly how many blood donors there are in the UK and joining the stem cell registry only takes a few minutes, your DIY kit can be requested online (with either Anthony Nolan or Delete Blood Cancer UK) & the registration process doesn’t need to involve a needle !

To achieve this goal we need 1.5 million more people to join the register. More people on the register ultimately means more lives will be saved.

So if you haven’t already registered, please take a few moments to do so (see: “How to Register” above) and if you’re unable to or already have, please encourage Just One More to do the same by SHARING using the twitter links below.

Thank you.

28 September 2014

Amanda Wakeley

Thank you to Amanda Wakeley & all her team for supporting Team Margot’s ‘Just One More’ initiative and for sharing the following on their Facebook page:

“At the Amanda Wakeley Head Office this month we are all taking on the Team Margot ‘Just One More’ challenge to increase the number of people on the UK stem cell register – find out more and join us in this very worthy cause: https://www.teammargot.com/team-margots-uk-appeal-just-one-more

15 August 2014

DBClogohighresDelete Blood Cancer UK report a significant rise in the number of people registering as potential lifesavers as a result of Team Margot’s ‘Just One More’ campaign.

Talking about the impact of the campaign, Delete Blood Cancer UK commented today:

“What is particularly striking is the three-fold increase so far in the number of people attributing encouragement by a friend or family member as the reason that they have registered their interest in joining the UK Stem Cell Registry as a potential donor.

We are really pleased that we are still seeing this continued increased rate, a week after the initial promotion of this campaign, instigated by the family of Margot Martini.

If you haven’t already encouraged another person to consider registering, please think about doing so – they could save someone’s life one day, all because of your action now.”

Just One More

VIDEO : Just One More

Team Margot are delighted to learn that increasingly, those people who have already joined the stem cell registry appear to be instigating fresh conversations with others who haven’t yet done so. And in significant numbers. That’s truly wonderful. Thank you and please keep spreading the word !

We appreciate that it’s always challenging to get people to take action; even if they don’t sign up straight away, as a result of your efforts there’s nevertheless an improved awareness around the need for more potential stem cell donors and particularly those with a mixed race / family background. Rome wasn’t built in a day and people need to respond in their own time and in their own way.

We would also like to again express our gratitude to Delete Blood Cancer UK for all they have done for Margot and for their continued support.

4 August 2014

Anthony NolanAnthony Nolan report a 300% increase in donor applications over the last seven days in response to Team Margot’s Just One More campaign.

1 August 2014

More than 250,000 people on the UK stem cell registry have been emailed over the last 48 hours by both Anthony Nolan and Delete Blood Cancer UK asking them to encourage Just One More person to register as a potential stem cell donor.

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If you haven’t already registered, please now do so (particularly if you are of a mixed ethnic background) and if you have, please encourage Just One More person to do the same. To learn how, see ‘How to Register’ above.

THANK YOU for your support.

26 July 2014

DBClogohighresTHANK YOU also to DELETE BLOOD CANCER UK for writing to the 64,189 people currently on your register and for asking them to encourage Just One More person to register as a stem cell donor too.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 13.58.37It’s wonderful to have your continued support and thank you again for helping to save Margot’s life earlier this year by finding her a suitable donor (some things never get old !)

Thank you.

25 July 2014



Photograph by Sophocles Alexiou

Anthony NolanTHANK YOU ANTHONY NOLAN for today emailing everyone on your register (the hundreds of thousands for whom you have an email address) asking them to encourage ‘Just One More’ person to do the same, for tweeting, facebooking and also for posting on your website as well: http://www.anthonynolan.org/justonemore

Fabulous. We really appreciate your support.

Margot has also made the very same request from all those who were inspired by her appeal to register : please click here to see a short video.

Thank you.

24 July 2014


Just One More Starfish


VIDEO: ‘Just One More’ appeal on Sky News with Margot – 22 May 2014

Team Margot is appealing to everyone between the ages of 17-55 who are in general good health to join the stem cell registry – particularly those with mixed race – and we are asking the 900k+ people who have already joined to encourage ‘Just One More’ person to do the same. Just One More registration could mean Just One More transplant and Just One More life might be saved.

Please see above : “How to Register”.

Our initial goal: to help increase the number of people on the UK stem cell registries to 2.5 million (currently there are less than 1 million people registered).

We want to help save the lives of all those people who, just like us, never thought they would need a bone marrow transplant.
Thank you.