There are 1,800 people in the UK desperately seeking a stem cell match & over 37,000 people worldwide.

We have been contacted directly by some of the following; all are seeking help with their individual appeals and urgently need to find a donor, right now. Sadly, for one year old Ella whom we posted about in October, it is already too late.

Please help by SHARING their appeals.  It only takes two clicks.

Thank you.

10524647_899630086737065_3262514379233438784_nInderpal is only 25 but is seriously ill with leukaemia and a matching blood stem cell donor is being sought for him to treat it.

You can help him by registering to save a life to find a donor for him, and all those in need of a lifesaving donation.

It’s simple to request a DIY cheek swab kit that will enable you to register through Delete Blood Cancer UK’s website: 

You can also register in the UK by providing either a spit or blood sample. Find out how here.

Please register to help Inderpal and others like him. Then encourage Just One More to do the same.

Thank you.

13 December 2014


perri2PerriPledge for Perri


15 month year old Perri has Leukaemia and desperately needs a bone marrow match, please register to help save Perri’s life.


To follow and share please visit the Pledge for Perri facebook page, or click on either image of Perri.


17 November 2014


=== Izzy1960887_232786853577335_3623101265438372679_o

Izzy cannot find a donor and desperately needs to find her match.

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9 November 2014



Be a Team Margot SuperHero

VIDEO: Register & be a Team Margot SuperHero

Aaryan Karim is three years old, and a huge fan of superheroes. He also has leukaemia and he needs a stem cell transplant to save his life.

His family are urging people to sign up as a potential stem cell donor, particularly those from Asian backgrounds.

At the moment, less than 60% of patients are able to find a ‘perfect’ match, and this falls to just a 1 in 5 chance if you’re from a black, Asian or ethnic minority community.

You can save a life.

Or at least – because we know from Margot’s experience that there are no guarantees – you can gift someone extended time with their family & with loved ones; a priceless gift.

Hero Day image 2_0

Get involved with the Anthony Nolan Hero Day

5 November 2014

EllaThis is Ella.

She is one-year-old and suffering from langerhans-cell histiocytosis (LCH), a rare disease that involves the clonal proliferation of Langerhans cells, abnormal cells deriving from bone marrow and capable of migrating from skin to lymph nodes.

She has undergone chemotherapy which meant that she spent her first Christmas, and her first birthday, in hospital.

Her parent’s wish is that she spends this Christmas at home.

She now needs a blood stem cell donation to get better and a matching donor is being sought for her.

You could help her, and all those seeking a matching blood stem cell donor, by applying for a simple cheek swab kit that will enable you to join the registry through our website:

Find out how you can help Ella and others like her by clicking here.

11 October 2014


Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 00.26.31 Little girl from Heston needs bone marrow donor urgently after leukaemia relapse

Parents of cancer-stricken toddler Isabella Darmoo, aged three, have made a global appeal urging people, particularly the Assyrian community in the UK and abroad, to help save their daughter’s life by registering as a donor on the bone marrow registry list in the hope of finding a match.

Isabella needs a bone marrow match in less than six weeks – please help by SHARING below:

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Thank you.

10 October 2014


Fathima has Sri Lankan heritage and is looking for a donor match from someone with a similar heritage to hers

Fathima has Sri Lankan heritage and is looking for a donor match from someone with a similar heritage to hers

Can you help Fathima, and all those who can’t find a matching donor within their family ?

One of the myths surrounding blood stem cell donation is that most people can find a matching donor within their family. Unfortunately this isn’t true, as most people rely on the generosity of strangers to join the registry, and then to donate some of their blood stem cells if they have a matching tissue type.

Fathima, who is 25 and has acute myeloid leukaemia, is a good example of why we need as many people as possible to join the registry.

She needs a blood stem cell donation to get better and although she is a twin, her twin sister isn’t suitable to donate her blood stem cells to Fathima. Her family were tested to see if they had matching tissue types to Fathima and could donate their blood stem cells to her, but none were.

Fathima is relying on people to join the blood stem cell registry to help her find a matching donor. As her heritage is Sri Lankan, she is appealing especially to those with a similar heritage to join the registry, as this is likely to provide the most suitable match for her.

Click here or on Fathima’s image to share on Facebook.

30 September 2014 


Nikki Braterman's mother is Anglo-Burmese and her father is Irish

Nikki Braterman’s mother is Anglo-Burmese and her father is Irish – click on the image above to read her story

We were contacted by Nikki’s brother in law on 15 September 2014. In brief, Nikki needs to find a perfect (10/10) match in order to stand the best chance of beating her blood cancer. Nikki is an exotic mix: her mother is Anglo-Burmese and her father is Irish. To read Nikki’s story visit:

Nikki’s appeal is one of those instances where you might be able to make a difference and help save her life simply by sharing this message and forwarding onto others who might be able to help & do the same.

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15 September 2014



Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 02.44.26***URGENT APPEAL FOR TODDLER KHALID***

To help save this boy & others like him WE NEED MORE BLACK AND MINORITY ETHNIC COMMUNITIES to join the stem cell registry.

Please SHARE and encourage people who aren’t already registered to do so – explain to them how they can save a life.

There are three simple ways to join the registry – to see how visit:

You can save a life.

Thank you for supporting.

16 August 2014