Anne Knobloch

January 2, 2019

Guest blog by Anne Knobloch: “Children helping Children”

My name is Anne, I lived in London for 13 years, which is where our twin girls, Amélie & Sophie were born in 2007 and where we got to know Vicki & Yaser, Margot’s parents. Years later, we’d already moved to a town near Frankfurt in Germany, we hoped and prayed for Margot’s recovery! 

I find it beyond incredible how Margot’s parents have turned “the worst that can happen to any parent” into something incredibly positive: the Charity Team Margot!! Helping others!! 

This is what this world needs more off, people who care, people who give, people who help. I watched Team Margot grow and evolve and it blew me away!! This is when I figured that everyone of us can do their bit to make a difference! No excuses!! 

image1When we lived in New York City, I walked past this house near us and the message stuck with me:”If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction”. How about that, not really that difficult, is it? 

This is what I want to teach our children. And the best way to do so, is by setting an example, talking to them and getting them involved. 

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been volunteering in our local school here in Germany, when last year I heard that the school were looking for more help with their “Arbeitsgemeinschaft”, which is a program that the kids can sign up to. A program which isn’t part of the curriculum, however it is mandatory. Usually the kids get the opportunity that way to try a new language (say Chinese or French), try Yoga, do something arty etc. 

Anne (L) with Anika

Anne (L) with Anika

I came up with the idea to launch a program which I called “Children helping Children”. The school was excited enough about my proposal and gave me the go ahead. I started brain storming with my friend Anika, and before I knew it, she said she’d like to join in on the fun. 

We had one school lesson every Monday morning (until the Summer Break) with a group of thirteen 4th Graders (10 Girls and 3 Boys). The kids seemed extremely enthusiastic about the program. 

P1030838The first lessons we discussed who needs help, where and why. We looked at different ways of giving: time – voluntary work, money – donations or for example hair for wigs, blood, stem cells, food, clothing, school staples, books etc.

The next lessons we got the ball rolling to organise our own fundraising event. We introduced 4 different charities. 2 which were helping children locally and 2 which were helping children worldwide and the kids were given the opportunity to vote for one of them. 

P1030852And the winner was a charity called World Vision. We wanted the kids to get creative. We ordered material to make handmade key rings out of beautiful colourful wooden pearls. The kids designed and made flyers and posters to announce the fundraising event. Funds were raised at the school concert and 300 handmade key rings were sold on a Monday morning in the school. It was an incredible success. Not just because we raised €1,100, but also because the kids achieved and learned so much in a short period of time. 

P1030858Furthermore I also took this opportunity to talk to the kids about Team Margot. I used one lesson to tell them the story about Margot, explained why stem cell donors are desperately needed, what stem cells are, how easy it is to register as a donor and how one can donate. They were very interested. 

P1030862Witnessing these kids, how much they care and are willing to help was fantastic! 

I feel proud to be a part of Team Margot and to have embraced the same ‘Giving to help others‘ philosophy in my local community.


Thank you so much for sharing, Anne.

Happy New Year everyone !

Team Margot
Together, saving lives

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