January 12, 2017

Your race and ethnicity is vital, when it comes to giving blood


People of black and Asian heritage are beginning to be represented in all walks of society, from the arts, sport through to politics. However one key place they aren’t representing themselves is in blood donation sessions.

To inspire the next generation of donors NHS Blood and Transplant have created a special film. Featuring a fantastic performance from Lady Leshurr and support from a range of ambassadors from the black and Asian community, the film asks people to step up and Represent.

Margot needed many blood & platelet donations to keep her clinically well

Margot needed many blood (and platelet) donations to keep her clinically well

Currently just 3% of black or Asian people donate blood. It’s time this changed.

Please TELL SOMEONE about this post and encourage others to do something amazing: save lives.

Team Margot
Together, saving lives

We need over 6,000 blood donations every day to treat patients in need across England. Which is why there’s always a need for people to give blood.

Each year we need approximately 200,000 new donors, as some donors can no longer give blood.

Find your local donor centre and book your appointment today.

Visit: https://www.blood.co.uk or call 0300 123 23 23

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January 8, 2017

Mental May-hem ? Do something positive & feel better


img_5254In an interview on Sky News this morning, the Prime Minister, Theresa May outlined her plans to tackle the issues around mental health & how we might get over it’s associated stigma, not least because 1 in 4 people will suffer from some mental health issue through their lives.

The Prime Minister explains that it takes time to successfully deal with such an issue & whilst there’s additional funding being made available to provide services for people with mental health issues, she also stated that it’s wrong to assume that the only answer to the problem is funding.

During the summer last year, I posted a blog entitled “Team Margot is good for your mental health and well being”.  I linked that post to a previous one dating back to September 2015: “Have a chat about Margot and see how that makes you feel”.

Initially, I was writing based upon my own instinct and gift of experience. More recently, I shared my thinking with an eminent psychiatrist, who confirms that within reason, caring about and doing things for others in your community is good for your mental health and well being.

On that basis, it follows that you can improve your mental health and well being by registering to become a potential stem cell donor, regularly donating blood or platelets and by joining the organ donor register.

white-tutuIt’s a cost in terms of your commitment (and that’s what counts!), but it needn’t cost you any money.

So if you haven’t already, here’s how you can take those first steps towards improving your own mental health, let alone helping to save someone’s life:

Register as a potential stem cell / bone marrow donor

Be a blood donor

Join the organ register 

Thank you.

Team Margot
Together, saving lives

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