April 22, 2024

With your help, May is now Mayrrow!


In December 2013, Team Margot launched Margot’s appeal for a stem cell and bone marrow donor, the recommended treatment that could give Margot and others like her, the best chance of survival. 

Today, Team Margot is proud to announce a new initiative in partnership with The Orgamites, an education programme that reveals a brand-new month and a global first: Mayrrow, the Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Education Month!

So, go ahead and start using the lingo… every time you mark something in your diary for next month, remember it’s MAYRROW !

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Team Margot
Together, saving lives


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In partnership with Team Margot and Giving to Help Others and supported by Gilead and the NHSBT Community Grant Scheme.

Times are not only changing – calendars are too. In fact, go ahead and cross out the month of May entirely. It’s been officially replaced by Mayrrow: Bone Marrow And Stem Cell Education Month, with a host of free education resources available to all teachers in over 24,000 primary schools across the UK from 1 May 2024. For the first time children aged 5 to 11 get to know all about their marvellous marrow, life-saving super cells and their brilliant blood.

Yaser Martini, founder of bone marrow and stem cell awareness charity Team Margot, says: “We’ve committed a whole month to putting bone marrow and stem cells education where it’s never been before: right in the spotlight”.

Why we need Mayrrow?

The ongoing and escalating requirement for stem cell donations has led to an urgent, global need for more awareness and education initiatives – across the board.

According to the latest NHS State of the Registry Report, less than 3.5% of the UK population are on the stem cell register. To date, those of Caucasian heritage have a 72% chance of finding a life-saving stem cell match from an unrelated donor. Those of Black, Asian, or other Minority Ethnic heritage have just a 37% chance.

Yaser Martini, of Team Margot says, “Sadly, there just aren’t enough people on the stem cell register, nor is there sufficient diversity to match all the patients desperately in need of stem cell transplants. At the same time, many primary school teachers don’t feel equipped with the adequate tools and teaching resources to make this complex subject come to life for their students, until now!”.

An early start!

So, while young kids are certainly not old enough to become donors themselves, it’s never too early for them to learn just how mighty their bone marrow, stem cells and blood really are, as well as how they could one day save lives!

Roydon Turner, founder of The Orgamites says: “These resources are specifically for kids between the ages of 5 and 11 and aim to create first a UK, then a global movement of young people who in the short-term, know how mighty their marrow and bodies really are. Over the much longer-term, the hope is that they are more inclined to share these life-saving parts with others and that the classroom conversation will spill into homes–with kids using their pester power toward a good cause: getting more of their parents to consider becoming donors too”.

Dr Daniel McCloskey, Team Margot says, “The future is shaped in our classrooms; by empowering the youth, we plant the seeds of tomorrow’s revolutions. The most transformative eras are always sparked by the fearless vision of the young.”

Mayrrow also aims to end the common misconception that stem cell donations are painful and invasive. To register as a stem cell donor, you need only swab the inside of your cheek. Then, actual stem cell donations (which are only required if a potential donor on a registry matches with someone in critical need) are usually as simple as donating blood, with bone marrow replacing itself within just four to six weeks.

Download our FREE ready-to-go Mayrrow Resources here: https://bit.ly/MayrrowResources

In this folder your will find:

• Teacher Resources: an overview and all the info you need!

• Mayrrow Films: 3 films under 3 minutes, packed with edutainment!

• The Mayrrow Masterclass Presentation: a lesson in 20-30 minutes max!

• Additional Teacher Resources: activities for the classroom

• Family Resources: Information and fun activities for the classroom

Download our Mayrrow Media Kit here: https://bit.ly/MayrrowMediaKit

In this folder your will find:

• Logo’s and images to use

Announcement Posts (23 April – 1 May)

• Launch Posts (May 1 – onwards)

• 4th of May Post – May the force of Mayrrow be with you!

• Engage Posts (May 7th – onwards)

• Promotional Films in different sizes

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About the Orgamites

The Orgamites Mighty Education Programme is a global organ donation and health education programme for kids aged 5-11. It uses educational resources, tools, toys, and tech to inspire and equip more students, teachers, and families everywhere to talk more about organ donation, and to take better care of their bodies, each other, and our world.

Orgamites is also the name given to the team of life-saving organs found in each one of us, they are also known as the ‘mighty organs’ because they represent the organs most needed for donation and transplantation. The Orgamites work closely with children to empower them to become captains of their own health through the lessons, beliefs, and values of the Orgamites Mighty Education Programme.

The Orgamites and the Orgamites Mighty Education Programme were created by Roydon Turner. Creative and production by All Good Co., a Community Interest Company (AllGoodCo.org). Our partners include Live Life Give Life, the Onassis Foundation, Canadian Blood Services, Team Margot, Giving to Help Others, Northern Ireland Donation, the Public Health Agency, the British Transplant Society and European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT). Supported by NHS Blood and Transplant, Organ Donation Scotland. Official partner of the ESOT Congress in London, 2025.

This project has been made possible with the provision of a financial grant from Gilead Sciences Ltd.

Discover more at www.orgamites.com

Contact: Roydon Turner

Email: Roydon@allgoodco.org

Phone: +44 (0) 7799583368

About Team Margot

Team Margot has been campaigning since December 2013 however the charity, Team Margot Foundation was officially established in January 2015

Their mission is to help save and improve lives by educating, inspiring and motivating people, especially from ethnically diverse communities, to register as blood, organ, stem cell and bone marrow donors and to provide a range of support to families caring for child cancer patients. Team Margot also provides secretariat support to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ethnicity Transplantation and Transfusion.

Contact: Yaser Martini

Email: yaser@teammargot.com

Phone: +44 (0) 7770 672559

What others are saying:

“Directly affected by the devastating impact of a family member in need of a transplant, at a very young age I decided to become a scientist. Today, I am here to use my voice and skills to support one of the most exciting and heart-warming projects I have ever encountered, the Orgamites! Education, compassion and generosity are taught through this educational programme, to make our world better for us and our children!” Dr. Eva Tsaousidou, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

“As partners with the Orgamites, we’re thrilled to back their work in educating kids and families on organ donation. These characters simplify a complex topic, engaging children and sparking family discussions that could one day save lives. The Orgamites are crucial to our mission to reduce transplant waiting times and boost organ donations, and we endorse their programme wholeheartedly.” Mandy Venters, CEO, Live Life Give Life

“The Orgamites are a fantastic tool for teaching kids about their health and organ donation, which was never taught in our school until we implemented this fun, free programme. The characters are cute and engaging, and the accompanying materials are comprehensive and easy to use. An incredible health resource for all educators!” Claire Müller, Year 2 Teacher

“This is a real miracle for Greek society and it’s happening now; we didn’t have to wait for 100 years. Roydon Turner and his team are excellent health partners, and we are looking forward to working with them more over the coming years to see a positive change in Greek society.”  Alexandros Morellas, Health Programme Manager, Onassis Foundation

“Since launching in Canada in September 2021, the Orgamites programme has significantly impacted understanding organ donation and fostering community spirit. Garnering positive feedback across the board, it has sparked crucial conversations on organ donation, aligning well with Canadian Blood Services’ mission. The programme’s adaptability and engaging content have proven to be a valuable asset in education and awareness efforts, embodying our values and enhancing our outreach.” – Dr. Graham D. Sher, CEO, Canadian Blood Services

Looking for more mighty teaching resources?

In addition to the Mayrrow campaign, the Orgamites Mighty Education Programme currently has a range of free educational toolkits that teachers everywhere can use to inspire kids to take better care of their health, one another, and the world at large.

Save the date!

Orgtober, formerly known as October, is now Organ Donation Education Month, a month of activities, activations, and events all dedicated to promoting organ donation education among children, teachers, and families the world over. So, watch this space and be sure make some space in your class calendar to let the Orgamites make another mighty impression this Orgtober!

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