May 1, 2024

May is now… Mayrrow: bone marrow and stem cell education month


Tell every teacher you know about Mayrrow and suggest they download our FREE ready-to-go Mayrrow Resources here:

In this folder your will find:

• Teacher Resources: an overview and all the info you need!

• Mayrrow Films: 3 films under 3 minutes, packed with edutainment!

• The Mayrrow Masterclass Presentation: a lesson in 20-30 minutes max!

• Additional Teacher Resources: activities for the classroom

• Family Resources: Information and fun activities for the classroom

Download our Mayrrow Media Kit here:

In this folder your will find:

• Logo’s and images to use

Announcement Posts (23 April – 1 May)

• Launch Posts (May 1 – onwards)

• 4th of May Post – May the force of Mayrrow be with you!

• Engage Posts (May 7th – onwards)

• Promotional Films in different sizes

Thank you.

Team Margot
Together, saving lives

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