October 16, 2014

Pseudomonas is overwhelming Margot


More bad news : the latest test results reveal that there is a large amount of pseudomonas in Margot’s blood and in her stool. It’s also in her marrow – frankly, it’s everywhere.

carrotsThis is the same particularly nasty bug that we hoped would be treated by IV antibiotics; however, Margot’s bone marrow is unable to help fight the infection and the antibiotics cannot do the work on it’s own.

Apparently, Margot will become increasingly tired and her blood pressure will fall, along with her other vital signs.

Bottom line is : this life threatening pseudomonas bug is gathering momentum and Margot can’t seem to clear it. We are told that Margot is now beyond rescue and that it’s no longer a matter of the place of care, but the place of death.

Margot is to remain at home where we are keeping her as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for your prayers, positivity, well wishes and support.


16 October 2014

Husband to Vicki and father to Oscar (2007), Rufus (2008), Digby (2015), Humphrey (2017) & Margot (2012-2014)

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